Time I spent some time alone….

It is totally weird to me that with everything going on I somehow have lost track of time. Before all of this I was always busy and had stuff to do and time commitments stuffed to the gills.

Now, with everything coming to an slow crawl I still have little time to do the stuff I want. I make lists, I set things out, I set goals. where the hell has time gone?

I am somewhat proud of myself for the beginnings of a massive declutter in the back room. I have gotten rid of some unused tings but also found some crazy forgotten memories.

I think I need to get a new photo album and fill it. Probably works better than shelves, drawers and random boxes.

I got laid off from my job at Webster University. It was completely expected. My boss said we all get to come back when this is over, but by then the place will look like an unearth archaeological site and the first few days of work will suck ass. Not that everyday there doesn’t drag in some way. I do like working on a university campus, even though the kids are stupid and irritating and have absolutely the worst taste in music, generally.

I went into the art building one day and no one there had cool haircuts. Sad. Back in my day all of us at KCFV radio folks in junior college used to make a trip over to the art building during the first few days of the semester to see what was shaking. I was not sure why any of the others didn’t figure it out. We played cool music, they were cool looking and interesting and both sides were outcasts, misfits and creatives in a way. And. seem to remember they all had really cool long coats.

The best part was wearing all black was like a secret handshake or a sly nod. Sort of like ‘yeah we get it.’

But now, the kids have a lot going on and they are savvy and smart so I should cut them a break. My generation lived through Third Eye blind, Paula Abdul and Collective soul, there’s is living through fascism and a pandemic. So I should lay off.

Circling back to “work,” I still have my PT job at a magazine/convenience store. I got a nifty note on letterhead yesterday telling me I was ‘essential’ so if I am stopped a can show my papers. It is a double edged sword, I generally like the regulars I meet but they need to stay the hell home.

In better news, I did get a technical writing project and I am going to knuckle under and start on that today. It’s for a dental client so there’s a lot of dry research ahead of me.

I got curbside Indian food last night. Lamb Krahi, Aloo Gobi & garlic naan. There are leftovers! I live near an international grocery store which is nice and with most of the college hoodlums away it is bearable. Despite this, I set up from grocery delivery from a few places and I am looking at getting some other options.

One of my friends made an apple pie and left it on the back porch. It was seriously the best pie ever. Ever.

I am cooking more which is nice. Lots of Simple stuff. I have my grandmother’s recipe box from the ’50s and I am gonna start doing some of this. She meticulously typed each recipe on an index card. it is very beautiful and poetic. She shared my birthday.

I have had little time to watch TV but there’s a ton of ‘movies I have been wanting to get to’ in there. So we shall see.

Top Chef would be more interesting if the other chefs had to eat the loser each week. Also watching Jeopardy! Trying to avoid the news.

I know Scott Phillips form the bookstore I used to work at and the coffee shop I went to before all of this. He write books that I don not want to categorize but will call crime fiction. But they are not like Columbo or James Patterson. They have really gritty people in them doing weird and odd things. Bad things.

This is his new book. I started to read it. it has art forgery in it an dis very compelling. I love the way his books flow and pace. If you want t pass the time with a great read check this out.

Concord Press is a nifty publishing house that gives away free books. They are giving away some now in fact. Yesterday I got Rut, a sort of historical fiction story (also by Scott Phillips) and Zig Zag a short story collection from Madison Smart Bell who has written 12 books, none of which I have read.

I like short story anthologies and thought this would be good.

In appliance news I worry that then the coin operate washer and dryer are full we won’t be able to use them. I called the company that handles this but they were morons.

My hands are beat to hell from hand gel and soaps. Been moisturizing but now I have hands like my mom had late it life. She loved it when we put nice smelling aloe on her hands.

I haven’t dove into the puzzles yet or my book of word searches yet. I have found out a nice bench I like where I can sit alone if I want and read. Mostly though I am chilling on my porch and watching and listening to birds.

Another thing I am trying to do is take short walks. I enjoy the quiet but again am annoyed to see people outside screwing around. Stay home!

It is opening day for MLB. I am sad.

So I host a radio show on KDHX. I decided this week, even though media is also ‘essential,’ to do it remotely or with prerecords for the next few weeks. I miss the getting out and rush I get doing it live. However, being in a small room with the potential for lots of germs was not ideal.

They are providing gloves and hand wipes but it is still a small place and microphones as pretty crappy in that they keep germs around. So I aired on the side of caution.

I find that Grinding Halt by The Cure has become my song of the week. If you are bored (and who isn’t?) you can see it on their Hyde Park Concert from 2018 which is on HBO right now.

Sorry are from London. They are gonna be a big deal. Their new album 925 is on Domino Records. It is pretty tasty.

Kenny Rogers has passed away. Growing up I heard this music everywhere. The Gambler films were a big deal. It played all the time. He also had a string of hits that were catchy and less hoosier than some of the other crap that folks were listening to.

I will say that he was very distinguished looking as he aged and then he got a terrible face lift. Dude. Dude.

I often played Ruby late at night during my live DJ sets when all the kids were drunk. Let’s not talk about Six Pack.

But seriously he had string of hits that few artists in any genre can get. I don’t think people today realize that he was a seriously big deal. He crossed over from music to films and books at a time when it was not done often.

So the plan for today so far is to mop the floors, declutter do some technical writing. Plus some TV stuff to clear out the DVR maybe. I probably will hold off on the leftover Indian in favor or a pork chop and ramen noodles. I drank an Emergency C already so I may have tea later. I also have some oranges and grapes. The day includes no plans for drinking a funky cold medina.